Unleash Your Feminine Power For Inner Growth, Business & Life Mastery

I am here to take you on the journey of self-discovery and profound healing. Build the life, business, and relationships you really want — through sacred womb healing!


A Sacred Container for the Womb, Water, Wealth, Health & Living a Life of Freedom.

Does Any Of This Resonate With You?


Have you ever felt stuck in relationships, careers, and life in general?

Have you ever felt like you were living in a place of overwhelm and overdoing?

Do you have a feeling of shame and guilt in your own body?

Have you ever felt like you were repeating old patterns, again and again?

Do you feel like there is more for you in this world but don’t know where to look and who to trust?

Do you desire to be financially independent and to be held, protected, and seen in your intimate relationships?

Let’s Build The Life, Business, And Relationships You Really Want!

Hi! I'm Deanne Rose

I am a feminine empowerment leader, a mother, and a healer well-versed in the wisdom of the womb. I guide women and men to birth their visions, purpose, business, and relationships from the nurturing feminine energy of Shakti.

For 10 years, I have been gently bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and modern science. My journey into motherhood led me to the path of ancestral and womb healing. Today, I am a guide for women and men, illuminating a path to self-healing, and fostering healthier relationships with oneself, others, and Mother Earth.

Through touch therapy, coaching, courses, and retreats, I empower women in birthing dreams, be they life or business. I prioritize reconnection to the womb, guiding women on journeys of self-discovery, love, and holistic health. I will nurture your transition from disconnection to wholeness, where you are seen, heard, and cherished. Beyond traditional medicine, my approach fosters healing and growth, helping you build the life, business, and relationship you really want!

My Mission

At The Sacred Womb Foundation, we honor the essence of womanhood and the transformative power of the womb. Through touch therapy, coaching, courses, and retreats, we bridge spirit and science, empowering women in birthing dreams, be they life or business. We prioritize reconnection to the womb, guiding women on journeys of self-discovery, love, and holistic health. Beyond traditional medicine, our approach cherishes each woman’s innate wisdom and beauty. Welcome to our sanctuary of deep embodiment and wholeness.


My Process To Help You Become The Creatrix Of Your Own Life

Let’s chat on a complimentary 30-minute connection call, where we will know each other better, where we can discuss what you really desire in your life, what is stopping you, and what working together could look like. I will use my 3Rs of healing as a framework for your sacred transformation journey.

I work with women and men of all ages in remembering their truth and power by connecting to their bodies, their sexual well-being and helping them reconnect to, and remember, their Divine Essence.


We all need guidance in remembering who we are and then be given the tools to reclaim it in our lives. We’ll work together to reclaim your fully expressed life. Let go of co-dependency, reclaim sovereignty over your body and emotions, regain clarity on what pleasure means to YOU, find pleasure and peace within yourself, and live fully expressed.


Once you reclaim your worthiness to pleasure and release limiting beliefs that cause shame and guilt around your sexuality, you can then step into the life of your dreams. Rise and embrace joy in each moment, use the breath to connect to natural rhythms and cycles, express your freedom through your voice and truth, let go of old patterns, conditioning, and inhibitions that no longer serve you, and RISE to be the Creator you have always been.

Healing Stories Of My Clients

My yoni session was one of the most dynamic and intimate private experiences I've ever had with a therapist/coach. If you are looking to deeply explore your yoni, I highly recommend Deanne!
Christina S.
Working with Deanne was such a pleasure! Our sessions together really helped awaken my own intuition, align my energy, and gave me clarity on what I really wanted to create. She used a perfect mix of energy work and practical tools that I've continued to use.  She put me at ease and I'd highly recommend working with her!  
Diana D.
Thank you for your role in helping me make the big decisions that got me to where I am
Cori J.
I just wanted to tell you how amazing you are and express my gratitude! Yesterday you really helped me understand something that has haunted me for literally over 35 years. You are a gift!
Prapti M.
I just listened to your podcast, I LOVED it!  I resonated on so many levels of the discussions.  Thank you for sharing to us women out there so we don’t feel alone.  I started my healing transformational journey about 4 years ago,  it has been tough and scary at moments but so freeing and empowering.
Podcast Listener
This was my second time working with Deanne and both times I’ve experienced breakthroughs and transformation. She is incredibly gifted and really listens to you, understanding where you are and using her special abilities to break down old belief systems and start a new! I highly recommend working with Deanne if you are seeking a change within oneself, she is your inner goddess guide!
Lauren Y.

Understand The Power Of A Fully Expressed Woman

Embrace the nurturing embrace of womb healing and pelvic floor wellness, a tender and holistic approach that honors the very essence of womanhood. Within the sacred space of the womb, where life takes root, we find the intricate balance of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It's more than an organ; it's a haven of feminine power, creativity, and intuition.

The health of the womb and pelvic floor is a delicate symphony that resonates with every aspect of our lives. It's central to reproductive health, fertility, and the harmony of our menstrual cycles. When we honor and care for this sacred space, we nurture our overall vitality, allowing ourselves to blossom into our fullest potential.

But what happens when trauma touches this sacred space? The womb and pelvic floor’s delicate balance can be disrupted by physical ordeals, like surgeries or chronic conditions. These physical scars may create tension and an energetic imbalance, subtly echoing within.

Emotional wounds, too, can leave lasting impressions. Experiences of loss, abuse, or deep distress may cast shadows, causing physical symptoms, menstrual irregularities, fertility challenges, or even a feeling of disconnection from our feminine essence.

Womb healing and pelvic wellness is an embrace that seeks to heal these wounds. Through loving practices and therapies, we can restore balance and reawaken the energetic harmony of the womb. When the womb is nurtured and healed, we reclaim our connection to ourselves, embracing our inherent power and grace.

Join me in this journey of self-discovery and healing. Let's honor the sacred within and allow the nurturing wisdom of the womb to guide us home, building a new life where you feel deeply rooted and secure - in your body, your actions, and all your relationships.

My Services

Remember, Reclaim & Rise
Path To Fertility & Motherhood

Deanne’s Treasure Of Wisdom

Follow along as I share my sacred words of wisdom on intimacy, relationships, feminine power, healing and so much more.

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