Successful Healing Stories of My Clients

Yoni Mapping

I want to give a MASSIVE appreciation for Deanne Broggi Rose for the incredible yoni mapping session that I received from her. Her session was one of the most dynamic and intimate private experiences I've ever had with a therapist/coach. If you are looking to deeply explore your yoni in mind, body and spirit, I highly recommend you give this special woman a visit!! I'm still downloading from our experience!!
Cristina Schooler
I enjoyed getting to explore myself more deeply with Deanne’s pelvic mapping experience. She took great care to relax and prepare me energetically and in my body prior to the experience and I was pleasantly surprised by my peace and calmness through the experience as when I’d done similar-ish work (right before having my son), I was very physically and energetically charged. She taught me about my pelvic floor and how energy can get stuck as well as the tool and practices to support greater sexual, physical and emotional health related to my female anatomy. If you’re looking to heal in this way, Deanne is a loving, compassionate and intuitive guide who has much love for women and supporting greater sexual freedom and health
Camille Marcas


I just wanted to tell you how amazing you are and express my gratitude! Yesterday you really helped me understand something that has haunted me for literally over 35 years. You are a gift
Prapti Mehta
Thank you for your role in helping me make the big decisions that got me to where I am
Cori J


I just listened to your podcast, I LOVED it!  I resonated on so many levels of the discussions.  Thank you for sharing to us women out there so we don’t feel alone. I started my healing transformational journey about 4 years ago,  it has been tough and scary at moments but so freeing and empowering.
Podcast Listener

Conscious Conception

Working with Deanne was such a pleasure! Our sessions together really helped awaken my own intuition, align my energy, and gave me clarity on what I really wanted to create. She used a perfect mix of energy work and practical tools that I've continued to use.  She put me at ease and I'd highly recommend working with her!

Pelvic Floor Therapy

I began pelvic floor therapy with Deanne Rose, unaware of its profound impact. Initially skeptical due to misconceptions, I found Deanne's approach to be non-sexual, focusing on healing through conscious touch. Struggling with past trauma and societal pressures as a preacher's daughter, her therapy helped me unravel layers of repression around my sensuality and femininity. Remarkably, after just two sessions, I experienced significant health improvements and even conceived at 49. Deanne's guided sessions offered deep insights into my anatomy and personal healing. This journey was not just about trauma recovery but also about embracing life's fullness, encouraging a holistic approach to well-being. Deanne's therapy is a powerful tool for self-discovery and reclaiming one's vitality.
Kitrina Allee

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